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TRUTH matters!

TRUTH has no agenda!

TRUTH prevails when people are willing to defend it!

  • Extended government social programs create a culture of dependency
  • Government dependency results in FEWER rights and LESS freedom
  • Government enforced redistribution of wealth equals legalized theft
  • The burden of debt being thrust upon next Generation is immoral
  • Small Government and Local Control protects Individual Liberty
  • Pro Life
  • The Second Amendment IS an individual right
  • High taxes and regulation result in less jobs and businesses
  • Capitalism and the Free Market are the BEST to promote innovation
  • The family unit is the foundation of society and MUST be protected
  • Big government seeks to usurp parental authority and indoctrinate our children with values we oppose
  • The root underlying the push for light-rail, carbon emissions tax, and Obamacare is to replace individual choice with government control over individuals
  • The formula to achieve success includes:


    —Hard work


    —Delayed gratification

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