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Legislative Session Highlights

Rep. Lucero’s Pro 2nd Amendment Bill Becomes Law
Five new pro-2nd Amendment provisions became law this year, including Lucero’s. Lucero was chief author of the provision to protect Minnesota gun owners by clarifying Minnesota statutes and making it abundantly clear law abiding Minnesotans are allowed to purchase rifles and shotguns while in other states.

Rep. Lucero Fights for Equity in Education
The 2016-17  K-12 Education Budget increases spending $1.4 billion over the 2014-2015 budget and includes additional funding for teacher quality compensation, reduces the number of mandatory tests students are required to take, but lacks reforms necessary to begin correcting the funding inequity between schools. 

Rep. Lucero’s I-94 Bill Adds Third Lane From St. Michael to Albertville

Roads and bridges—transportation is very important to our quality of life and to the economic growth of our community. Lucero chief authored a bill to continue expanding I-94 by adding a third lane between Saint Michael and Albertville, and co-authored a bill to renew the Corridors of Commerce road and bridges transportation program.

Rep. Lucero Votes for Born Alive Act Protecting Babies from Failed Abortions
The Born Alive Act was a provision included in the HHS bill and protects babies born alive as the result of a failed abortion. If an infant is born alive, all reasonable approaches must be taken to ensure the infant is cared for. Every opportunity to expand protections for innocent life is a victory!

Rep. Lucero Chief Author of Bill to Remove Nuclear Moratorium
Lucero chief authored H.F.1400 seeking to repeal Minnesota’s prohibition on new nuclear power plants. While the provision did not become law this year, the bill did receive a hearing with great groundwork for the future.


— Mandated Government-Run Pre-K 

— Driver’s License for Illegal Immigrants  

— Gas Tax Increase

— Felony Voting

— State Funding for Southwest Lightrail 

Overreaching MN Pollution Control Agency Citizen’s Review Board Eliminated  

The MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Citizens' Board, created nearly 50 years ago, has been abolished. Elimination is a step in the right direction of removing authority from unelected government bodies. Members of the Board were appointed by the Governor and had final authority over rulemaking, permitting, and environmental review. Final authority now rests with the MPCA Commissioner.

All Counties Now Given Option to Choose More Efficient and Cost Effective Source for Auditing Financials

Twenty-eight of 87 Minnesota counties were already permitted to use private CPA firms to perform the required annual audit of their financials. 
        The law was changed to treat all counties equally by allowing them to use private CPA firms resulting in improved efficiency and saving county taxpayer money.



Legislative Survey Results

66% oppose a gas tax increase

67% agree state law should permit districts to consider teacher effectiveness as a factor when determining which teacher(s) may need to be laid off

69% support limiting student data collected from online testing and surveys from being accessible to third parties outside the control of the school district

56% want tax cuts and other incentives passed to encourage business growth and job creation

55% state MNsure does not work and should be repealed 

13% — only 13% support Common Core education standards

18% — only 18% support funding Southwest Light Rail



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