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Safety. Education. Freedom.

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I've been honored...

“It's been an honor serving as State Representative for the last eight years upholding constitutional values and priorities.


I’ve been a voice for pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-law enforcement, medical freedom, education transparency, election integrity, tax cuts, and more.”

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100% Pro-Life

Life begins in the womb and all life is precious from conception to natural death. I am staunchly pro-life and am fighting hard to protect the unborn.

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Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Self defense is one of our God given rights. I am a strong defender of our Constitutional gun rights and am fighting hard for law-abiding gun owners.

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Safe Communities

Ensuring public safety is the primary role of government. I support the men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives each day to protect ours.

Real Solutions for Minnesota

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Medical Freedom

Minnesotans deserve to be empowered with affordable, diverse, healthcare and insurance options to meet their needs and their budget. I am fighting hard for free-market healthcare solutions to fix the broken healthcare system.

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Transparency in

All curricula being taught to children must be accessible for review by parents. I am fighting to protect parents as the ultimate decision-makers in their children’s education.

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Tax Cuts Now

Hardworking Minnesota families and businesses are being crushed with taxes because Minnesota is one of the highest taxed states in the country. I am fighting hard to cut taxes now to bring taxpayer relief and ensure job creators do not continue leaving the state.

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