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Eric's Top Priorities

Eric is a bold, fearless fighter for Individual Liberty and the Constitution! As State Representative for the last 8 years, Eric has been a champion making the case for smaller government and maximizing freedom allowing people choice to self-determine the outcomes of their own lives.

100% Pro-Life

Life begins in the womb and all life is precious from conception to natural death. Eric is staunchly pro-life and is fighting hard to protect the unborn.

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Our Founding Father’s gave us the Second Amendment because self-defense is one of our God given rights. Eric is a strong defender of our Constitutional guns rights and is fighting hard for law-abiding gun owners and legislation such as Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry.

Roads & Bridges Transportation Funding

Roads and bridges transportation is critical for continued economic growth and high paying in our community and across the entire state. Eric is fighting hard for increased roads and bridges transportation funding without raising taxes.

Tax Cuts Needed Now

Hardworking Minnesota individuals, families, and businesses are being crushed with taxes because Minnesota is one of the highest taxed states in the country. Eric is fighting hard to cut taxes now to bring taxpayer relief and ensure job creators to not continue fleeing the state.

Equity in K-12 Education Funding

A student’s education should not be dependent upon the student’s zip code. Eric is fighting hard to fix the funding inequity gap between metro area schools and our rural schools in order to maximize our children’s educational opportunities.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Minnesota's families deserve affordable, diverse, healthcare and insurance options to meet their needs and their budget. Government run Obamacare and MNsure have resulted in exploding costs and decreased quality. Eric is fighting hard for free-market healthcare solutions to fix the broken healthcare system.

Clean, Cheap, and Reliable Energy

Extremists demand impossible energy mandates that only drive up the cost of energy and the cost of all goods and services for all Minnesotans. Eric is fighting hard for clean, cheap, reliable energy solutions that protect both consumers and the environment such as nuclear power, natural gas, and clean coal.

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