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Release: Rep. Lucero Fights for Student Data Privacy

ST. PAUL – The Legislative Commission on Data Practices and Personal Data Privacy met this week to focus on Rep. Lucero’s student data privacy bill House File 1507, and to receive an overview of current federal and state laws governing access to student records.

Rep. Lucero is chief author of HF 1507, a bill seeking to enhance protection requirements of student private data and re-empower parents with authority over their children’s private data. HF 1507 received a bill hearing in the Civil Law Committee last legislative session, and Chair Peggy Scott indicated HF 1507 would receive a full hearing in front of the Data Practices Commission prior to the start of next legislative session.

For years I've been working to highlight how the law is not keeping up with technology

“For years I've been working to highlight how the law is not keeping up with technology,” Lucero said. “Lack of updates to Education/Technology statutes since 1980 regarding privacy/security requirements limiting the collection, storage, data mining, third-party sharing, and breach accountability has left our children's Personally Identifiable Information (PII) vulnerable and at risk of unauthorized access and use.”

Data breach headlines such as the recent Equifax breach exposing the addresses, birth dates, social security, and drivers license numbers of approximately 143 million of their consumers continues to raise visibility of the importance of protecting private digital data.

“I'm working hard to be proactive rather than reactive and is the reason I’m chief author of HF 1507,” Lucero said. “I’m proud both Minnesota Advocates and Champions for Children and the ACLU are strong partners in this bipartisan effort to update state law to better protect the privacy of our children's data.”

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