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Rep. Lucero Demands Action on Education Funding Inequities

The 2018-19 K-12 Education Budget passed into law this year increases spending $1.35 billion over the previous 2016-17 budget for total spending of $18.8 billion over the next two years. Disappointingly, the bill lacked reforms to begin correcting the funding inequity gap between top funded schools vs. schools in our community which are funded near the bottom.

“Schools at the top receive thousands more per pupil than schools in our community,” Lucero said.“The funding inequity gap continues to widen because 2% of a larger number is more than 2% of a smaller number. This is extremely disappointing because a child’s zip code should not dictate a child’s educational opportunities.”

The bill sends even more money to failing schools without requiring major reforms.

Rep. Lucero chief authored Metro Equity and Disparity Aid legislation in the House continuing his ongoing efforts to correct the funding inequity gap but neither bill was included in the final education funding package because the focus of new money was spent on a 2% per year increase in the general education formula.

“Because the funding inequity gap for children in our community continues to widen under the bill while at the same time sends even more money to failing schools without requiring major reforms, I was unable to support the bill,” Lucero said.

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