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Rep. Lucero Fights for Lower Energy Costs

Several years back former Pres. Obama took steps to bankrupt coal power plants via the unilateral creation of stringent new regulatory mandates. Gov. Dayton quickly adopted the crushing new mandates in MN, by-passing the MN Legislature resulting in Xcel Energy’s announcement to shut down two coal-fired generators at Sherco power plant in Becker earlier than planned.

The Gov. Dayton influenced Public Utilities Commission endorsed shutting down the coal-fired units without naming replacement power sources. These Obama/Dayton actions advanced regulatory uncertainty causing expected higher energy prices in the future.

"As a strong advocate of lower energy costs MN families and businesses pay, I was proud to co-author HF 113 passed and signed into law this year," Lucero said. "It will ensure a replacement plant is authorized to be constructed on the same site in Becker."

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