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Rep. Lucero thanks Sen. Kiffmeyer for her many years of service

SAINT MICHAEL, Minn. – State Rep. Eric Lucero, R-Saint Michael, thanked Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer for her many years of service after she announced today she will not seek re-election to the Minnesota Senate in the November 2022 general election.

“Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer is one of the hardest working, wisest, and most experienced people I know,” said State Rep. Eric Lucero. “Sen. Kiffmeyer has poured decades of her life into fighting for constitutional values and inspiring others to greatness during her time in office as current State Senator, former State Representative, and former Minnesota Secretary of State.”

Sen. Kiffmeyer served eight years as Secretary of State from 1999-2006, four years as State Representative from 2009-2012, and ten years as State Senator from 2013-2022.

“I’ve had the true privilege as State Representative working side-by-side with Sen. Kiffmeyer these last eight years partnering with her together in the Legislature fighting for the betterment of our great community,” Lucero said. “Sen. Kiffmeyer has been a mentor and I’m among the many who are honored to call her friend.”

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